Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online Track Yes Bank Credit Card

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online Track Yes Bank Credit Card

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online 

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online: Credit cards are offered to the customers by all the Banks. Customers can get their own credit cards and use it for making the transactions. A credit card made the transactions of money easy for the customers. So, a large number of customers of banks are now a day’s applying for the credit card for their own bank in which they are having an account. Banks are asking the customers to apply for a Credit card to provide it for their account. There are a large number of benefits in using the credit cards. So, many customers are showing their interest in applying for the Credit card.

Yes bank is one of the banks providing its services in the private sector. It is the fourth largest bank in the private sector in India. This is the only bank which was awarded a Greenfield Bank License. No other bank was awarded the Greenfield Bank License in the past 10 years. Yes bank is the bank which provides Full Service in the Commercial Banking. This bank built its own Corporate, Retail and SME Banking Franchise, Financial Market, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, Branch Banking Business, Investment Banking, Transaction Banking and Wealth Management Business in entire India.

Yes bank is awarded as the “India’s Fastest Growing Bank of the Year” for the financial year 2011. Bank of the Year India, The Banker London award winner for the year 2015. This bank has been voted for the most trusted private bank for the year 2014. Golden Peacock Innovative producer/ Service award winner for the year 2017.

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

If you are having an account in the Yes bank, you must have some eligibility for applying a credit card for your account in the Yes Bank. The eligibility details for the credit card of the Yes bank are mentioned below. You must verify the eligibility details before applying for it. Read the below-mentioned details to apply for it.

1. Customers of the bank having an age between 21 years and 60 years are eligible to apply for the Yes bank credit card.

2. Customer must be a Self Employee or a Salary person.

3. Minimum Salary of the customer must be INR Rs 60,000 per one month or they must have an Income Tax return of INR Rs 7.20 Lakhs or above it.

Yes bank Credit card can be applied by the customers who are having an account in the bank only. They must check for the above eligibility criteria and apply for the Yes Bank Credit Card. If you are eligible and applied for the Yes bank Credit Card, You can track the status of your application for the Yes Bank Credit card.

Now a day, all banks had started to provide a credit card for the customers. Credit cards can be used for easy money transactions of the bank. They can be used for making the mobile recharge, booking tickets, booking bus tickets, etc. Some of the online shopping sites are giving a cashback offer while using the credit card. Sometimes, a discount is given to the customers for making use of the credit card in making the credit card transaction. So, a lot of customers had started to apply for the credit card to the Yes Bank and get the benefits of the credit card.

Steps for Checking the Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status Online:

There are some simple steps for checking the status of the Yes Bank Credit Card. All the steps are mentioned step by step in this article. You can read the article to know the step by step procedure for checking the status of the Credit card application of Yes Bank. Follow the steps one by one so that it is easier for you to check your required status of the credit card application.

Yes Bank Credit Card Application Status

1. Firstly, you are using the online for checking the status of the Yes Bank Credit card. So, you can use the link  and open the official website.

2. You will be going to a navigation menu from that link. Select the Personal banking option. Then Select Individual, later Cards there.

3. Once you click on the Cards, you will be directed to a new page where you are mentioned with Credit cards at the top of that page.

4. There at the Credit Cards, you can find “To Track Your Application Status, Click Here”. Mouse cursor on to the Click Here option and click the left mouse button.

5. You can see two empty boxes asking for the details in the next page. In the first box, enter the application number or the reference application number. In the box below it, enter the mobile number that was used at the time of submission of application.

6. Click on the Submit button which is at the bottom of the mobile number entry box. 

As you click on the submit button, your status of the Yes Bank Credit card will be displayed for you.

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