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Jio Jivi Mobiles Booking Online

Jio Jivi Mobiles Booking Online Buy @ Rs.699: Recently, a new mobile company was hearing in the market. That company is Jivi mobile. This is a company which has come up into the market with a new feature in the mobile. Jivi mobiles had made an association with the Reliance Jio. Now, they want to offer a mobile to the customers which are less expensive. This mobile is having a feature of supporting for 4G VOLTE. Jivi Energy E3 4G Handset is available with Jivi mobiles. Jivi is offering the customer for a new handset.

The cost for this handset is Rs. 600. This handset works with the 4G VOLTE service. The mobile of Jivi i.e. Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G Mobile is priced at Rs. 2,899. A Jivi mobile is giving cash back on the Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G Mobile for the customers. Cash back on the Jivi mobile for the customers is Rs. 2,200. After the cash back of the Jivi mobiles, customers will get an effective price on the mobile which is very less. The effective price after the cash back on the Jivi ENGERY E3 4G mobile is Rs 699. Earlier, Jio has released a mobile on the market with very less price. Jio has released the mobile for Rs. 1,500 to the customers with its own brand.

Jivi Mobiles:

Pankaj Anand is the CEO of Jivi mobiles. A Jivi mobile has come up with a new mobile named as Jivi ENERGY E3 4G mobile. It has introduced this mobile into the market very recently. This has become a hot topic in the market about the mobile. Jivi mobiles have announced the key feature in the phone. That key feature in these mobiles is that this mobile supports for the 4G VOLTE. The price of the mobile released by the Jivi is Rs. 2,899. It has announced that new customers can avail a cash back offer on the mobile those who will get it now. Cash back of Rs. 2,200 can be availed by the customers. After the payment and availing the cash back announced by the Jivi mobiles, the customer will get the Jivi Energy E3 4G. The effective price on the Jivi mobile for the customers who will buy in this cash back season is Rs. 699.

A statement was given by the CEO of Jivi mobiles that they were moving towards the digital India which is the vision of the Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. He also announced that Jivi was launching the Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile for the customers into the market in association with the Jio. On that occasion, CEO had explained about the new features in the mobile such as 4G VOLTE. This mobile is going to be available in the market with a cashback offer. So that, this 4G VOLTE smartphone is available for a large number of customers. This mobile will be available for just Rs. 699 onwards in the Indian market. These were the things Anand mentioned when releasing the phone.

www.jivi.in Jio Jivi Mobiles Booking Online Buy @ Rs.699

Features and Specifications of Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile:

Operating System Android 7.0 Nougat
Processor Quad Core
Display 4 – Inch WVGA screen
Camera 5 MP Rear Camera with Flash, 2 MP Front Camera
Storage 4 GB ROM ( expandable up to 32 GB using microSD card)
RAM 512 MB
Battery 1800 mAH
Network 4G VOLTE, 3G and 2G
Other key features WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc

The key features for the Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile are mentioned for you above. You can search for detail features and specifications of mobile on the internet.

Jio Jivi Mobile Buy Online Cash Back offer:

Cash Back offer is given to the customers in vouchers. Cashback of about Rs. 2,200 is given on the listed mobiles. Under the cash scheme of Jio Jivi, it will be giving 44 vouchers into the Jio account. Worth for each voucher is Rs. 50. A recharge must be made initially by the customer before 31st of March 2018 after buying the mobile. Later, the vouchers can be used by the customers to make their recharges. Vouchers are valid up to 31st of March 2022. Users can take a plan such as Rs. 199 or Rs. 289 and recharge their mobile.

Forgetting Cash Back of Rs 2,200 on Jio Jivi mobiles:

Special Cash Back offer is also available for various other mobiles of the company. Jio Jivi is offering the cashback offers on the mobiles such as

  • Prime P300
  • Jivi Prime P444 (8 GB)
  • Revolution TnT3
  • Jivi Prime P30
  • Energy E3
  • Energy E12

How to buy a Jio Jivi mobile by Online Booking/ Registration at Rs. 699?

After reading all the details that mentioned above, you may be interested to buy a Jio Jivi mobile that was introduced into the market recently. You can also make the registration through online and get a mobile for you. These mobiles are only available online for the customers. Registered customers can only get this mobile.

The actual cost of the Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile is Rs. 2,899. After the cash back for the mobile, the effective price for the Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile is Rs. 699. This is the interesting feature for the customers to show an interest towards the mobile.

Step by step procedure for Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G:

1. Go to the website of Jivi by using the link www.jivi.in. You will be directed to the homepage of the Jivi mobiles.

2. You should search for the link “Jio Jivi Energy E3 4G mobile” on the home page and click on that link.

3. Now, you can click on “Buy Now”.

4. You are asked for some of the details in the next page. They are a name, mobile number, shipping details and the required information.

5. You can pay the amount using a debit or a credit card.

6. After successful payment for the Jio Jivi mobile, you order will be placed.

7. You can make a review about the shipping details and mobile number once again after the order.

8. Make corrections in the shipping and mobile number details.

9. Your phone will be shipped to your mentioned address on a given date.

10. You can insert your Jio SIM after you receiving the mobile.

Vouchers are sent for the customers to their Jio account. They should make the first recharge with the Jio plan to avail the cash back of Rs. 2,200.

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