Jio Home TV Launch Dates & Plans, Price – Registration Online @ Rs 200/400 for SD HD Channels

Jio Home TV Launch Dates & Plans

Jio Home TV Launch Dates: As per the recent news, Mukesh Ambani is going to launch the new Jio Home TV Launch. This Jio Home TV is the modified version of the Jio Broadcast App. This is being tested for streaming of HD content on the devices. It is estimated that the operator will roll out this feature for all its users. It is going to be available in the market with a new brand named as Jio Home TV. This is the news in the market that was announced by the unconfirmed sources. This news might not be sure as long as the official confirmation is made by the company. We must all wait for the official statement from the company about the launch of Jio Home TV.

Jio Home TV may bring a change in the Indian Direct to Home services (DTH). This will become one more major project for the Reliance Jio company. It was the news that the Jio Home TV services are launching into the market for the SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition). The services are believed to be forecasting using the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS). Jio Home TV was expected to be launching soon in the Indian market. Some of the details that are coming from the few portals are mentioned in the article. Also, price and plans of the Jio Home Tv are mentioned here. You can go through this article and grasp the entire information.

Jio wanted to announce good news to its customers. Audiences are waiting for the same. Jio had attracted many customers with its thoughts. Jio has become popular in a very short span of time in the Indian market by launching products with very cheap rates when compared to the same product of any other company. After the success, Jio is planning to release new other product also into the market. It is news that Jio had started to plan JIO Home TV in the Indian market. You can get the information of the launch date, dates and plans and the procedure to registering online in the Pre Order Booking in this article.

What is Jio Home Tv?

Jio had started a new project that is providing the Jio Home TV to the customers. Jio Home TV is one of the set-top boxes that are to be launched on the market. This will help with the broadcasting of channels in the TV without using the Internet. We must wait for the launch to use the Jio set up box for watching the quality channels on the TV.

Jio Home TV is going to offer SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition) channels in it. The offer for the SD channels is Rs 200 and SD+HD channels for Rs 400. This service will be available for the customers taking the Jio Home TV. The packs for the Jio Home TV are not more costly but can be afforded by all the customers. It is always trying to bring new innovative products for the customer at nominal prices.

Already, Jio has released many products in the market. Jio launched the Rs 1500 mobile phone in the market for which the total amount will be refunded again to the customers. All the customers bought this mobile can use it at Rs 0 effective price. Jio Home TV is the new product that is to be launched i.e. Jio DTH set-top box. This will be offering the Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS). It is going to offers the Standard Definition (SD) channels and also High Definition (HD) channels using the Jio Home Tv.

Jio Home TV Launch Dates, Plans, and Price:

The recharge plans mentioned in the MyJio App are given below. But these plans are now removed in the App. Check the leaked recharge Jio Home TV plans are below.

  • FRC for the Jio Home TV for watching the Standard Definition (SD) channels is Rs 200.
  • FRC for the Jio Home TV for watching the Standard Definition + High Definition (SD + HD) is Rs 400.

Jio Home TV Launch Dates

Launch Date: The Jio Home TV launching Date is expected to be in next 1 or 2 months. After the launch, interested customers can proceed for Online registration/ Pre Booking for buying it.

Customers can get a better quality using the Jio Home TV. The Internet is not needed for watching the TV channels for Jio Home TV. For more details, customers can check for more information on the official website of Jio. You can check for the updates over there and follow them.

Now, we must wait for the official announcement is to be made for the Jio Home TV. Reliance must announce the launch date so that Jio Home TV will be available in the market for making the Online Registration/ Pre Booking in Online.

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