How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status SBI Card Status Online

How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status

How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status 

How to Track SBI Credit Card Application Status: Among oodles of moneylenders in India State Bank of India or SBI is leading. When, compared with other banks, SBI offers numerous benefits to the customers. Through this loyal website, you apply and get your credit cards online. Not only applying online, but it also helps you too, tracks and completes the process of getting a credit card.

Applying on SBI official website is very easy. There are guidelines and procedures available to apply for a credit card.

Following the given instructions can help you greatly in applying for a credit card successfully. First, you need to select the type of credit card you want.

SBI credit card types include,…

> SBI Card Prime

> Tata Platinum Card


> SBI Card Unnati

You can apply for any card that will be apt for your expenses. Once you apply online, you will receive an application number. This number is necessary for proceeding further. This number is necessary to find all your particulars. Hence you need to keep it safe until you receive your credit card.

You can check your status on this website. You will able to check the necessary details either being online or offline. Once the credit card is ready, you will receive a message or notification.

Easy Ways To Track SBI Credit Card Application Status

Using SBI credit card website you can easily apply for a credit card. You can check the status of your application at the same place where you register or apply for a credit card.

You can check your application status by two methods. Using your application number you can find your card status. Another method is searching your application status without your application number.

1. Enter into website and click on the track option.

2. By clicking on the track option, you will have to enter the application number.

3. It will find your applications along with the status of your application.

4. Using retrieve option, you can get the application status.

Once your card is ready to be dispatched, the status will indicate as your card is ready. You will receive a message on your registered number. The expected time of delivering the card will be mentioned in the message. This can be helpful. You can receive your card without fail.

Make sure you are available at the registered address at the time of delivery. The person who delivers your card will ask for an identification proof of the person. This will help you from avoiding malpractices. If someone else takes your card along with password details, it’s highly dangerous.

Also, there are chances for your card holding or disapproved, when your application details are incorrect. If some data are missing or particulars missing in your application, then there are chances for holding your credit card approval. You need to check the reasons for the hold. You have to submit the required documents, and then the process will be continued.

In case of disapproval, you need to contact the SBI customer care officer. They will let you know the reasons for disapproval. Once your credit card is disapproved, then you are eligible to apply again only after three months. You cannot apply it. Hence to avoid confusion try to check the eligibility criteria.

Basic criteria for applying for any credit card include age, salary, and city. First, you have to enter the city from where you are applying for a credit card. Minimum salary to apply for an SBI credit card will be 18,000 INR per month.

1. You must be self-employed, or you must be a salaried person.

2. You must earn a regular income.

3. You must be minimum of 21 years of age.

4. Your age must not exceed 60 years.

Any person who applies for a credit card in SBI must be able to submit the following documents and proofs. Following are the basic identity required to be submitted.

–    PAN card

–    Voter’s ID

–    Aadhaar card

–    Salary proof

–    Passport size photograph

Regular income is a must criterion. Only then the person will be able to repay their debts then and there. You can also check your credit score for free. Enter free credit score checking options. This will lead you to the steps to get your credit score.

Student credit cards are available in SBI. To get a student credit card, you must have a Fixed Deposit (FD) in the bank. Credit card will be issued based on your fixed deposit. There must be a strong savings history such that it is easy to get a student credit card. For any further details, you can check in to SBI official website. This will help you to clear all your doubts and will guide you to perform an online application.

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