How to Register for RBL Internet Banking Login Online & Offline

How to Register for RBL Internet Banking Login Online

How to Register for RBL Internet Banking Login Online 

RBL Internet Banking Login: RBL refers to Ratnakar Bank Limited. The headquarter of this bank is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This is one of the oldest banks in India providing its services to the customers. RBL works for the private sector banking. It is also one of the commercial banks in India.

Bank has many customers under it with a variety of services to the customers. They are classified as Agro and Development Banking, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking.

The Banks in India are now providing the facility of the Net Banking for taking the services offered by the bank. The banking is becoming easier with the Net Banking. This Net Banking is very helpful for the customers for not wasting the time and standing in a queue.  All the services of the bank can be used with the current location of the customer using a smartphone or a laptop/ system. The customer can save a large amount of time by not reaching the branch to use a service.

RBL is also providing the Net Banking services for the users of this bank. All the customers can have Net Banking for their account in the RBL. You have to register before you make use of the Net banking. After the activation of the Net Banking, you can log in to your respective account and make use of the services offered by the bank. Customers can save time in reaching the branch for making the use of the services. A large number of services are available in Net banking such as recharge, payment of bills, booking tickets and other transactions.

Banking has become a major part of daily activities. Many transactions are to be made by many individuals in their day to day life. Internet Banking is making these transactions easy for the people. All are having accounts in different banks. A large number of different banks are set up in India and are offering the services in different aspects. Banks are set up for both private and public banking. They provide different services based on the requirement of the customers. The customer can make use of the bank for the purpose of saving, taking loans etc.

All the banks in India are now introducing the Net Banking options. Net Banking is making the services simple for the customers. All the customers having an account in the bank can make use of the Net Banking and get the services of the bank in very simple ways. It can be used at any time and can be used from any place. The only requirement of the Net banking is the customer must have their Net banking activated and also have a login Id and password.

RBL is also one of the banks which is also offering the Net banking for its customers. All the customers of the RBL must apply for the activation of the Net Banking before making use of it. An application must be sent to the bank asking for activation of the Net banking for the RBL. Customers having an account in the RBL are only eligible for giving an application to the Bank. It must be submitted to the bank and bank needs to approve it. Later, it provides login Id and password to the customer. It will be unique for the customer to customer. Using the login Id and password, the customer can open their account from anywhere using the smartphone or a system.

Steps for Registering the Ratnakar Bank Limited RBL Internet Banking

Customer needs to follow some steps for registering for the Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL). Steps are mentioned below for the customers. Those who are registering for the first time can read the below mentioned steps that will help in registering for RBL.

Step 1: You need some details for registering such as Customer ID and PAN card number. Keep them ready before starting the process.

Step 2: Visit the website of RBL using the link

RBL net banking Login page

Step 3: You will be seeing the Net Banking Login page. In that page, you can find an option “First Time User”. Click on it.

Step 4: Select the mode of registration in the next page. We are registering for the Internet banking for the saving account, so select the Customer ID (CIF).

rbl bank Registration Mode form

Step 5: Provide the details of your Customer ID (CIF). It will be available on your first page of the passbook.

Step 6: Below there, provide the details of your PAN card number. After entering the correct details, click on the submit button below.

Step 7: Click on the “Generate OTP code”. The OTP will be generated and send to the registered mobile number.

RBL OTP Generate

Step 8: The number will be sent to the mobile. Enter the OTP in the required field and click on the Continue button.

Step 9: You must then create a new password for your Internet Banking account. Click on submit button.

Secure Code Rbl bank

Step 10: Then you can go to the Login page and Login. For the first time, you must set a security question that helps when you forget your Net Banking password.

RBL netbanking Login password Set

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