How to Change Registered Mobile Number in IDBI Bank Online Branch

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in IDBI Bank

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in IDBI Bank Online: Citizens are depending on the banks for making their day to day transactions. Banks had also evolved in large number and had set up many branches in nearest locations to the customers. They are offering different types of services for their customers based on the requirement and eligibility of the customers. Banks are offering deposits, withdrawal, loans for home, car, credit card facility, debit card, etc facilities. Banks are offering all the facilities for its customers based on the requirement. Bank takes care of the customer account by attaching the customer’s mobile number to their account. The number attached to the bank account is called the registered number.

Process:: How to Change Registered Mobile Number in IDBI Bank

How to Change Registered Mobile Number in IDBI Bank Online

We must provide a mobile number to attach it to our bank account. Afterward, the transaction and other account details will be notified from time to time to the same mobile number. Details are sent to the mobile in SMS format. We can be alert with this messages sent for the account. This technique will help us for keeping our money safe in the bank account. All the banks are offering this service. So, we must use this service of the bank to keep our money safe.

Are you a customer of IDBI bank? Are you holding an account in the IDBI bank? Are you worried about the safety of money in the bank? Then, you must read this article. It consists of the process of registering your mobile number for your bank account in IDBI bank. If you have not yet registered your number to the bank account, then make it as soon as possible. Registering your mobile number will help you in many ways. You can know the dedications and deposits of the bank. You can also get the message services about the bank account within some simple steps by sending an SMS from the same registered number.

You can register your number to the bank account. Later, if you wanted to change your number in any case of any problem, you can change it. You have some steps for it to change it.

IDBI Bank is one of the banks which is leading in providing the facilities to the customers. It is offering the mobile registration service to the account. If you are a customer of the bank, then you must use this service that is offered by the bank. There are only some simple steps for changing this registration of mobile number to your account. You have mentioned those steps in this article. This article will help you to know the procedure of it.

Changing the Registered Mobile Number using ATM of IDBI Bank

  1. You must have a debit card or credit card to use this service. Reach to your nearest ATM of IDBI bank.
  2. Enter your debit card or credit card linked to your account. The, Click on “More Options”.
  3. You will be shown many options. Select “Change Mobile Number” option over the displayed options. Enter the latest mobile number.
  4. You are asked some simple questions for verification of account.
  5. After successful confirmation, you are intimated about the change of mobile number with a message on the ATM screen.

Changing of Registered Mobile Number by visiting the IDBI branch

  1. Reach the nearest IDBI branch in your location. You must meet the Accounts Executive and request for an “Account Information Update Form” or “KYC Details Change Form”.
  2. Take the form and fill it with the details that are asked for. Make sure that there are no errors in the details. You must submit the old phone number along with the new mobile number,
  3. Attach a valid ID proof as well as age proof along with that form.
  4. You will be sent an SMS for your new registered mobile number.

After registering your mobile number with your account, you will be given updates about your account of IDBI bank. All the information about the withdrawal, deposits and cheque clearance are mentioned to you from time to time. 

Changing the registration number in the above-mentioned methods are very simple and takes less time. It may take around 10 minutes only. Bank had not yet introduced the online method for changing the registered number.

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