Check EPF Balance -How to check PF Account Balance & Statements

EPF Balance

Check EPF Balance -How to check PF Account Balance & Statements: Are you an Employee? Are you holding an Employee Provident Fund account? Are you saving your money in the EPF account? Are you wishing to check your balance? Are you searching for modes of checking the balance? Are you interested to know the new ways of checking the balance for the EPF account?

Are you planning for taking a loan on the EPF account? Then, you are looking for the details at a right place. Here, our team is providing you the answers for all the above questions. You will be surely satisfied with the details provided in this article. Read this article for information and details for EPF account, EPF account balance checking modes.

The Process of Checking the balance for ones EPF is now very easy and hassle-free. Now, anyone can check their EPF balance from anywhere and at any point in time. You can now save your time by using the simple process to check your balance. There is no need for you to reach the EPF branch or fill any form for checking your balance.

Here, we are providing the process to check your balance in an easy manner. You can read this article and know about the complete details for checking your EPF balance. You can now get your balance of EPF with an SMS, giving a missed call or using the EPFO app or the EPFO portal.

The term EPF refers to the Employee Provident Fund. It is one of the integral sources of employee’s saving. A timely receipt of requisite information regarding one’s EPF balance will help them to plan for their future expenses. With this, one can decide for either withdrawing or take a loan based on the EPF balance. With this, they can meet the major expenses of their life. Otherwise, quick access to the EPF balance will keep the employee updating. An increment will be seen in the accounts of an employee.

In the past, the employees need to attend at the branch and fill a form for checking their EPF balance. New methods were introduced now for the employees to check their EPF balance. The steps are so simple that the employee can check their EPF balance in very easy steps. An employee can use a method with which he/she is comfortable with and based on the availability. The methods for checking the Employee Provident Fund account balance are mentioned here below. This will help you surely in checking your account balance of EPF account.  

As mentioned above, the EPF account balance can be checked by using SMS, missed call, EPFO app or portal. The information about the ways is mentioned below for you. Individual details for different modes are given for you in detail. You can go through the details and aware about the different modes of checking your EPF account balance. This will help you to check your balance in 5 minutes and at any point in time.

1. Using EPFO portal:

For checking the balance of EPF account, the UAN number of the employee must be activated before. Otherwise, balance cannot be known without it. UAN refers to the Universal Account Number which is unique for the entire employee having an EPF account. No two employees will have the same UAN. Employees will have the Same UAN for their entire life though they change their organization.

This number is irrespective of any number of companies the employee had changed. The UAN number is provided by the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EMPO). Once the UAN number is activated, the employee can handle the EPF account. UAN is mandatory for handling the EPF account.

Steps for checking the balance of EPF account using EPFO:

One by one step for checking the balance of the EPFO account is mentioned here below for you. Follow the steps and get your balance within some easy steps in a short time.

Step 1: You must visit the official website of the Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). On the homepage of the official website, you can see a tab as “Our Services”. Select that tab. You need to select the option “For Employees” in that drop box list.

Step 2: You need to select the option “Member Passbook” in the services list.

Step 3: You can check your balance only with the UAN. After the UAN is activated, you can log in for your account with the password and check the balance.

2. By sending an SMS

Balance for the EPF account can be received with an SMS from your mobile. A condition is that UAN number must be integrated with the KYC details such as bank account, Aadhar or PAN number. Once it is integrated, you can check your balance with the SMS.

You need to send an SMS from your mobile to 7738299899 with EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG in the last is the three letters of your preferred language. The facility is available in Hindi, English, Marathi, Panjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Bengali.

3. By giving a missed call

The same condition is for missed service. That is, your UAN must be integrated with the KYCdetails such as bank account, Aadhar or PAN number. You can take help of the employee to do this.

From your registered mobile number, give a missed call to 011-22901406. Later, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number with the PF details.

4. By using EPFO app

Balance can also be checked with the EPYOFO app. But UAN must be activated for this app by the employer.

You must download the app from the PlayStore i.e. “M – Seva app for EPFO”. Once the app is downloaded to your mobile, you must open it, click on the Member and then click on the Passbook/ Balance.

You need to enter the UAN and registered mobile number. The app will verify the mobile number against the UAN and throw an error if not matched. If matched, you can manage your account afterward.

These are different ways for checking the balance of an EPF account. Now, you are aware of the requirements for checking the balance of an EPF account for different methods. You can choose the desired method for the details of balance.

UAN is mandatory for the EPF account. If it is not activated, you need to ask help for the employer and activate is as soon as possible. All the ways of checking the balance are given for you. Now, it is your turn for making the use of it when required. All the ways are available for you if you are having an EPF account.

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