Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Season 2 missed Call Number Elimination 

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Season 2

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Season 2 missed Call Number Elimination| BB2 Telugu : Bigg boss is a household name in many of the houses not only in India but also in other few countries. Bigg Boss is a game where celebrities were kept inside the house and follow the instructions of bigg boss. Every week one contestant gets eliminated. In world television, bigg boss is one of the most viewed game show. 

Bigg boss franchise has started its services in India from 2006 with successful 10 seasons in Hindi and recently it has also started giving entertainment to Telugu audiences and it has been a huge success in Telugu in the first season which was hosted by one of the Tollywood biggest stars Jr.NTR and he has done a fantastic job hosting for the first time because of which bigg boss is planning a bigger version in Telugu with 16 celebrities over 100 days and this time the bigg boss 2 house will be in Hyderabad Constructed recently.

According to Sources, we will be witnessing Common people in the house for the first time in Telugu and the audiences are pretty much excited about it and they can’t wait to for the show to start. This season will be hosted by Tollywood popular star Nani which has raised many eyebrows among the Telugu audience because of his natural talent and comedy timing. The show is scheduled to telecast from 10th of June 2018.                            

Different promos have been continuously airing in star maa channel from past 1 week which made the audience more enthusiastic. Now everyone will be wondering as for how the contestant gets evicted every week, it is purely in the hands of audience and co-contestants. One contestant should contest for another contestant in the beginning of the week for elimination and the contestant who got less number of votes comparatively will be fire from the bigg boss house.

A captain will be appointed by the bigg boss every week and the captain will not be listed in the elimination for that particular week. There is another scheme called wildcard entries and they will be allowed in the house in the middle of the show. Overall the show will be full of surprises which will be a treat to watch.

There are two ways in which you can evict the contestant one is bigg boss 2  online voting in google and other is missed call voting. In online voting, you will be given 50 votes which you can accommodate to your favorite contestant. Still, the people who are in dilemma on how to cast votes online below we have provided the steps on how to cast your vote officially.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

How to do Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online?

Here are the few steps you require for casting your vote online and who has a doubt on ‘how to vote for bigg boss Telugu online’ here are the steps –

1. Open google home page and search for star maa Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online or bigg boss 2 Telugu vote 2018.

2. Then you will see the list of candidates who were nominated for that particular week.

3. You will be given 50 votes and you will have to use it as your choice, the contestant with less number of votes will get eliminated so choose accordingly.

4. After choosing your favorite contestant, click on submit and if you are unable to vote then that means you have not logged into your Gmail account (login into your Gmail account an try again and if you do not have gmail account, please create one to be eligible to vote).

5. A person can vote a maximum of 50 votes per day for a google account.

There is another type of voting called missed call voting. Every contestant will be given a unique number to which audience have to give a missed call to save their favorite contestant. Only 10 calls will be allowed for a week from one number and above that will not be considered at all.

The nomination of the elimination will be started from the first day of the season and the contestant’s list are made confidential and it will be revealed only on the opening day of bigg boss 2. So the audiences should wait for some more time to know the contestants. I know it will be tough but we can’t help.

The basic rules and regulation of bigg boss house everyone must know –

1. 16 participants should live in the bigg boss for a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of 100 days in a luxurious built house which has no connections from the outside world.

2. There will be around 60 cameras fixed to monitor every bit of the house and the contestant activities.

3. The contestant should not carry any of the gadgets like mobile, watch etc and they do not get to know the time also and they should not know about the outside activities.

4. The contestant who gets less number of votes will get eliminated.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online Season 2

More details of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Vote Online

Channel Name: Star Maa

Production Name: Endemol India

Sponsor Name: Oppo

Game Show name: Bigg Boss 2 (BB2 Telugu)

Category: Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Season 2 Voting Online

Name of the Host: Nani

Language: Telugu

Number of Contestants: 16 Members

Game Show Duration: 100 days

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