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Best Forex Card in India 2018: Are you planning for abroad? Whatever it might be, whether it is a family vacation to enjoy and share pictures or a business trip to collaborate with companies. Hold on to any reason, you must have a proper planning to Set foot abroad. The main basic thing to consider is about the expenses. This comes into consideration when people want to visit other states.

These days exchanging the currency is a simple solution and they would certainly not consider carrying a plethora of cash in their handbags or wallet while travelling. Therefore by using the international credit or debit card is an easy solution, as every object has specified limits so does this.

Now comes the play of Forex card. This is a splendid option to use. The citizens can make a use of these cards by withdrawing and by paying in the foreign countries without any tussles. In this article, we are going to discuss the Forex cards in India in 2018. Below we have listed top Forex cards in India.

7 Best Forex Card in India 2018::

Best Forex Card in India 2018

1) IndusInd Bank Forex Card

The IndusInd Bank forex card is going to provide Multicurrency forex card for the people who travel a lot to different countries in other terms a globetrotter. This card can carry up to 8 currencies and the card can be used at more than 1.6million ATMS and merchants around 200 countries.

There might be a chance of losing the card while travelling and there is also a solution for this. The Indusbank is going to provide an additional card or a backup card in the kit. This can be used when the primary card is lost.

If the bloke chooses for a single card, they have to pay Rs150 for every issuance fees, and if they choose the dual card they have to pay rs250. When you load a card they have to pay Rs 100. Bank charges 3.5%rate as the cross currency fee. Not only this it is going to provide two free ATM withdrawals every month and per currency. So choose the best.

2) HDFC Bank Forex Card

This bank to going to provide Multicurrency Platinum Forex card, which carries 23 currencies in a single card. Coming to the charging section it carries 2% of the fee which is the minimum in the industry. The forex card can be availed by paying Rs500 as the issuance fee. Another interesting thing is this, they do not need HDFC bank account. It is going to offer highest issue fee and also provides several other benefits. The bank is going to charge Rs75 as a reload fees and Rs 100 as reactivation fees. This can be done via net banking.

3) Axis Bank Forex Card

Axis bank is going to provide for the students who are studying abroad and it required a  lot of travelling to different countries. Students can unveil the discounts on university fees, travel insurance, airfares and withdrawals from ATM’s. On every ECOM/POS transaction, the student is going to get 1% cash back.

This card can be used by simply waving at any secured card reader. These should be titled as Contactless Forex card. On the forex card, an image is going to be personalized, and this will be only done on the candidate choice. The card is going to be valid till 5 years and they cannot have axis bank account to avail this card. The student needs to pay 3.5% as the country currency fee and the reactivation for this is Rs100. The cardholder is going to earn 2 points for every USD. They can avail a discount of minimum 15% at different restaurants. The money can be withdrawn from any ATM across the world.

4) Thomas Cook Forex Card

This is leading travel related financial service provider in India. It is going to generate on two different types these include One currency card and borderless prepaid card.

Single currency card which can be loaded in the USD is One currency forex card. And there is no pay on the current conversion charges on this card. It is valid for 5 years and the minimum of loading USD is 10000. When it comes to the minimum limit it is USD 100.

Inception point to avail the Thomas cook forex card is Rs150. Every time we have to pay Rs 100 you load the card. The company is going to offer a cover up to USD 10000. If the card has been lost they can issue a new one without any extra charges. This forex card is a chip and the PIN-enabled will be turned into secure from any fraudulence.

5) ICICI Bank Forex Card

If the person chooses to travel to the single country then the best forex card is the ICICI bank forex card. There will be multiple benefits if the person as ICICI bank card. They can avail 20% off shopping, dining as well as specific orders which are selected by the merchant outlets. The person can claim and insurance cover up to Rs1000000.

Reloading of the forex card can be done at ease and this can be done at ICICI branches or by visiting the online platform or by the mobile app. There is no need of current account or savings account with this bank. The issuance fee is Rs150 and for reloading it is Rs100. 3.5% has to be paid cross currency fee. For every 180 days, they have to pay USD 5 to reactivate the card.

6) Yes Bank Forex Card

Yes Bank also provides multi-currency travel Forex cards, for the people who are travelling to multiple destinations. This bank is going to charge the lease issuance fee which is Rs 125. It allows adding ten currencies to the wallet. It is going to charge 2. 75% Of cross-country free which is the lowest in Forex card.  To obtain a Forex card there is no need to have an account related to the bank. This card will be validated for 5 years and has a list of benefits which include impressive discounts. 

The people can get an insurance coverage up to 3 lacs on card loss. This card can be used in MasterCard and Visa ATMs across the world.  The card can be used for online shopping includes merchants portals. The card automatically selects the currency as per the local currency transaction.

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