13 Best Credit Cards in India 2018 (Review) & Comparison Benfits

13 Best Credit Cards in India 2018 (Review)& Comparison: In this article, we are going to discuss 13 best credit cards in India 2018. I’m going to share my experience on my credit card list which has been used. The first credit card was ICICI platinum which has handed to me in the year 2006. I m going to fall in love with credit cards with ease. In the year 2006, the credit cards did not pull much profit but saving money by rewards and cashback were good. So to know to share my views and to make others know I have created a portal to discuss the deals with credit cards. I earned more than 10000 rupees from my credit cards as cashback last year. It was a celebration moment for me.

I have gone and compared all the credit cards in India and now I’m thinking to make fresh updates and provide a list. The top and best credit cards in India have been listed below.

1) Standard Chartered Manhattan credit card

2) Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards card

3) ICICI instant platinum card

4) SBI dining click credit card

5) Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card.

6) Citibank Cashback card

7) Indian Oil Citi platinum credit cars

8) Amex Travel Platinum card

9) Cities Premier miles Credit card

10) HDFC AllMiles Credit card

11) SBI ELITE Credit card

12) American express MakeMy trip credit card.

13) American Express Gold Credit card.

Best credit card in India for Salaried Person

#1) Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit Card

The primary concern of using this Chartered Manhattan card is because it is going to provide 5% of cashback on grocery and I used to spend at least 6000 rupees a month on the supermarket. Making bills around 3000 rupees and the cashback is going to provide about 150 rupees and there is no hidden clause. The person using this card can earn Rs. 6000 rupees per year.

The joining fee to acquire this card is Rs. 499 and coming to the annual fee it is Nil.

Rs.99 of annual fee onwards from the second year they have to spend Rs. 60000 in a year and will be availing waiver on your renewal fee. Advantages of having Manhattan credit card

1) 5% cash back on grocery stores which include Reliance Fresh Big Bazaar Food Bazaar and more

2) Uber rides will be providing 20% cashback

3) 5x Reward points if the credit card has been used to pay for airline ticket dining hotels fuel and reservation.

Important points regarding the Standard Chartered Manhattan Credit card.

1) The Candidate can earn upto 500 rupees cash back every month.

2) The minimum transaction of  cashback eligibility is Rs. 750 rupees

3) For each transaction the candidate or the person can receive cashback upto rupees Rs. 150.

#2) Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

Standard Chartered Platinum Rewards Card

There are no Annual fees for joining the Standard Chartered Platinum rewards card.

This card can be approved if the citizen is a salaried employee and can request for an upgrade to Manhattan card in future.

Advantages of Standard Chartered Platinum rewards card

1) Five points on spending 150 rupees on dining

2) Uber rides will be Providing cashback of 20%

3) For registering online banking a bonus of five hundred points will be given.

4) If the transaction has been done within 60 days and additional of thousand what points will be provided.

5) Five points on spending 150 on fuel

#3) ICICI instant platinum Card

 ICICI instant platinum Card

ICICI is a simple and easy Credit card without any Annual fees. If the citizen is not employed or if it is rejected for  Standard Chartered Platinum credit card and again go for ICICI Platinum credit card. This card is best suitable for the nonsalary people housewives and students and not but the least if they want to apply for credit card against a fixed deposit.

Advantages of ICICI instant Platinum credit card

1) Rs. 100 rupees off on movie tickets price and month

2) Providing rupees 100 for 3 Payback points spent.

3) On rupees 4000 at HPCL pumps 2. 5 %  fuel surcharge waiver can be availed

#4) SBI simply click the credit card

SBI simply click credit card

The Third best card in India is simply clicked credit card of SBI.  It charges with small Annual fees that will be waived off if you spend 1 lakh amount from the date of approval.

Discard basis for the shopping lovers who will be getting a lot of offers from MakeMyTrip Cleartrip Flipkart  Amazon and many more vendors.

The Annual fee is rupees 499 and 500 rupees watches from Amazon will be provided as a bonus.

Advantages of SBI simply save credit card

1) An evoucher will be provided worth rupees 500 from Amazon

2) 5x rewards will be provided for all online shopping

3) 10x rewards will be provided for online shopping such as LensKart ola FabFurnish foodpanda BookMyShow Amazon zoomcar and Cleartrip

4) 1% fuel surcharge waiver  which means they can get up to 500 + rupees per transaction

5) Makemytrip voucher will be provided which is worth rupees 2000 and on online spends of rupees Rs. 100000

#5) Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Credit Card

This is the best credit card which provides 5% cashback on spending money. It provides on fuel in India and 5% cashback on telephone bill payments and utility.

The joining fee is rupees 499 and the first year annual value fee is nil.

From second year rupees, 750 will be the annual fee

Advantages of Standard Chartered super value Titanium credit card

1) 5% cashback on telephone bills utility bills which will save more electricity water and gas.

2) For spending rupees hundred will be given 1 reward point.

3) As mentioned above 5% cashback will be provided at petrol pumps and India and the credit card holder will be reaching 2. 5% surcharge reversal and 5% Cashback on each petrol pump  which will be Reliance HPCL IOC BPCL.

4) 1 reward point is 30 paisa worth.

#6) Citibank Cashback Card

Citibank Cashback Card

This is going to provide 5% cash back on movie tickets and utility bills. As of  Titanium credit card, it does not provide any cashback for benefits for fuel Spends.

The annual fee is Rs. 500 and from the next year it is also going to be 500 rupees.

If your monthly expense for movies bill payments and telephone is about 200 rupees then this card is best adapted.

There is a hassle free Redemption in multiples of rupees 500.

Advantages of Citibank cash back card

1) 5% cashback on telephone bills movie ticket payments and utility bills which have to be made through online only.

2) 0. 5% Cashback on all others spents.

#7) Indian Oil Citi (IOC) Platinum Credit Card

Indian Oil Citi (IOC) Platinum Credit Card

This is the best credit card for maximum benefits on fuel.  It is going to provide for Turbo points of rupees 150.  Is Turbo point will be equal to Rupees 1. 2 States further it is going to provide or will be giving a waiver on 2. 5 % Of surcharge on fuel and means a benefit of  2. 67%.

The annual fee is rupees thousand and fee waiver is going to be at least rupees 30000 per annum.

Advantages of oil Citi Platinum credit card

1) It is going to give to provide two Turbo points of rupees 250 at supermarkets. and 1 turbo point  of rupees 150 if it has been spent at dining shopping etc.

2) Benefits will be provided for activation of card which is of worth rupees 250.

3) On purchase at authorised Indian Oil retail outlets across the country for Turbo points of 150 rupees on fuel will be provided.

#8) Amex Travel Platinum Card

Amex Travel Platinum Card

This card is best suited for the travelers in India.  It is going to offer the same benefits throughout the Traveling booking portals.  It is best for the Global trotters. If the airline ticket is going to be purchased then the credit card must be put in wallet.

It also provides some annual spend base gift vouchers and welcome gift along with regular milestones.

Advantages of Amex Platinum travel credit card.

1) Gift voucher will be provided from Taj Group with worth rupees 10, 000 if they have spent 4 lakh which is valid from 6 months.

2) If they have spent 4 lakh year  they will be getting additional 10000 milestones redeemable for Indigo voucher worth rupees 10000. It is only valid for 6 months.

3) Welcome gift of rupees 5000 bonus milestone can be redeemable for travel brochure which is worth rupees 4000.

4) If they have spent 1. 90 Lakh they will be receiving a Indigo virtual which is worth rupees 6000 and it is valid for 6 months only.

5) Exclusive discount will be provided on flight booking through MakeMyTrip

6) The redemption value of 1 reward point is 0. 50 For Indigo voucher.

7) 20% cash back will be provided every time you dine at select restaurant partners.

8) Complimentary visits per year to 29 airport lounges in 12 cities across India.

9) For every 50 rupees spent accept insurance utility bill payment cash transaction and fuel 1 reward point will be credited.

People who can apply this card should earn more than 4 lakh annually. The first year Annual fees rupees return 500 and the renewal fee is Rs 5,000

#9) Citi premier miles credit card

Citi premiermiles credit card

The annual fee is rupees 3000.  This is best suited for the business people traveling regularly.  It is going to provide reward points in the form of Miles that you can redeem for every hundred domestic and international airlines.  The fee waiver is waived off and if the person has spent rupees 1000 with the card within 60 days they can get ten thousand miles.  It is going to be equal to rupees 4500 or 1500 more than annual fee for every mile used.

10% reward miles will be provided for the spend.

Before 3 hours of taking out, the redeem has to be done as per the miles.

Advantages of Citi premiermiles credit card

1) For every 100 rupees spent on the Exclusive website they can earn 10 miles.

2) For every hundred rupees spent on airline transactions MakeMyTrip Flipkart they can run 10 miles.

3) 4 miles can be earned for every 100 rupees spent on other transactions.

4) After 3000 miles a new card will be renewal

5) It provides an insurance to cover up up to Rupees 1 crore on air accident.

6) Language accessed will be provided at airport lounges in India.

#10) HDFC AllMiles Credit Card

HDFC AllMiles Credit Card

It is going to provide two times more reward points on spending all miles website.  It provides bonus reward points and joining and renewal also. The Annual fees is rupees thousand and if they spent  15000 within 90days they will be getting their first Annual fee.

Spend rupees 100000 for the next year and get the previous year annual fee.

100 points equal to rupees 50 Air voucher or 50 air miles.

Advantages of HDFC all miles credit card.

1) Double reward points will be provided on allmiles website.

2) For spending rupees 150 they will be getting 3 rewarded points.

3) A welcome gift of rupees thousand reward points and 1000 renewal reward points.

4) It is going to provide Lounge access at different airports in India and overseas.

#11) SBI Elite credit card

SBI Elite credit card

As many of the citizens in India know SBI bank and it is a leading bank which is under government ownership.  It is going to provide tough competition to its competitors.  It provides offers for spending at grocery department stores and dining.

An annual fee of rupees 4999 and the renewal fee is also 4999. They will be provided with watcher of worth rupees 5000 on insurance card  HD total annual amount fee.

Advantages of SBI Elite credit card

1) For every 4 Reward points it is going to be Rupees 1.

2) Complimentary benefit of lounge access will be provided twice every quarter at airport in India.

3) 5x reward points will be provided at International spends grocery dining departmental stores.

4) For every 100 rupees spent on to reward points.

5) By spending rupees 3 lacs and 4 lacs and earn 10, 000 reward points.

6) Rupees 5000 gift voucher will be provided from popular brands.

7) 6000 worth rupees movie tickets will be provided every year and it is valid for at least two tickets for booking in a month.  The maximum discount will be is  rupees 250 for two tickets only.

8) If they have spent rupees 5 lacs and 8 lacs they can earn 15000 bonus reward points.

9) 1% fuel surcharge will be provided and it is maximum upto rupees Rs. 250 for transaction from rupees 500 to rupees 4000.

#12) American Express

 American Express

This credit card is associated with MakeMyTrip,  so that is going to have an advantage of the rising popularity for online reservation.  By having American Express MakeMyTrip credit card it is going to offer multiple privileges and rewards.

For every 100 rupees spent they can earn 5 points on MakeMyTrip.

The first year Annual fees rupees 750 and the annual fee onwards is 1500.  There is no waive off but two gift vouchers will be provided of worth rupees 2000.  This is best suited for the people who will be traveling under MakeMyTrip.

There are 1200 restaurants located in big cities in this country and they provide 5 % cash back which is liked with American bank express and get up to 30% discount.

Advantages of American Express credit card (Make my trip)

1) For every hundred rupees spent on MakeMyTrip they can earn 5 points.

2) Welcome gift will be provided for 2 each worth rupees 1000.

3) If they spent 1. 25 Lacs  they will be receiving MakeMyTrip voucher of rupees 2000.

4) And if they have spent 2. 5 Lacs they will be receiving awards are worth Rs 5, 000 from MakeMyTrip every year.

5) It is going to provide discount access at 21 domestic airport lounges at 14 Different cities in India.

#13) American bank Express gold credit card

American bank Express gold credit card

This card offers rupees 10, 000 bonus points on making 6 transactions of rupees thousand or above. Most known and popular credit card of the Amex.  The first year Annual fees rupees thousand and from the second year, it is rupees 4500.  4000 bonus points will be provided if the Purchase has been made equal to thousand on its first annual fee.

Advantages of American bank Express gold credit card.

1) 4000 bonus point will be provided if it has been used three times within the first  60days of issuance of card.

2) On renewal of the card earn 5000 reward points.

3) For every 50 rupees spent expect in insurance cash transaction utilities and fuel 1 reward point will be provided.

4) 100 points is equal to rupees 25

5) There is no predefined limit

6) 30% discount will be provided and additional cashback of rupees 5%  over 1200 restaurants which are linked with American Express.

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