10 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access/Connection

10 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access/Connection: The use of Internet has been increasing day to day. It has become a part of daily need now a day. Every system user is taking an internet connection for their device. There are a lot of benefits for the users with the internet. It can be used for communication, business use, entertainment and many more. Customers use different internet services based on their location and availability. For the sake of portability, customers are opting for the use of routers.

Routers are the device for using wireless internet services within a limited range. The use of the Internet with the router is called as Wireless Fidelity commonly called as WiFi. Using of the Internet with the use of routers will often give some inconvenience. Sometimes, the user may face some resolving problem with the WiFi. In this article, you will know about the step by step procedure of how to resolve the issue related to the WiFi. Steps are mentioned in the article below. If you had encountered it, then you can follow the steps sequentially as mentioned and can easily resolve the issue with the WiFi.

Sometimes you wanted to use the Internet on your device and you cannot access the internet through the device was showing connected, you will be confused and couldn’t understand the problem of WiFi. You may sometimes feel like a dreaded moment for you in that condition. You may not have an answer for why you are facing the problem with WiFi. When the device is connected and the internet cannot be accessed, it is a sign that you have an issue with the router or your Operating system.

We all will encounter with this in some of the other time that “No Internet” in a WiFi connected Device. The problem can be resolved by the user if it is related to the router or Operating System of the device. The steps for resolving the issue of WiFi on a Desktop Operating System are given for you in this article at the bottom. If you are facing same the issue in an Android phone, you cannot follow the same steps that you read in this article. Search for the steps of resolving in another article.

How to Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access?

no internet

Where to look for the issue?

When you face the problem “No Internet” while desktop connected to the Internet, then you may find this issue in two places. They are

  1. The issue with the Router
  2. The issue with the Desktop OS.

If the issue is same in all the devices that are connected to the same WiFi, you can realize that the issue is related to the WiFi router or MODEM. You must firstly check for the status of ADEL cable. Make sure that the ADSL is not twisted or have any damage. You may not access your internet if you are having a damaged ADSL cable.

If the internet was accessing on all other devices that are connected to same WiFi for which you are connected, then you must see for the chance of an issue with the Adapter of WiFi device or Router for which you feeling hard to communicate.

Fixing – WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

Nine steps for fixing the “No Internet” when connected to a device are here for you. Follow the steps as mentioned. 

Step 1: Restart Device

There is a chance in most of the cases for resolving the issues. You may have done it many times but cannot resolve sometimes. If you have not done to restart, then you must try this.

You can reboot your device to resolve any issues related to the software as well as network issues. You switch off your router and modem if they are separated in connection. You must wait for at least 30 seconds to switch them again. You must also restart your device so that you can ensure for clean. After restarting this all devices, then try for connecting the device to WiFi.

Step 2: MODEM Lights

If you cannot get your internet with the first step, it is not the fault in the devices. Check for the light on the router named as “Internet light”. Ensure your internet is working if it is glowing. Make sure that the light is not low or flickering.

DSL light on the router must be ON and will be green in some routers. Lights must blink in the WiFi indicator. If you don’t have an idea about the router, then you can contact the local operator and ask for the issue.

Step 3: In Built Trouble Shooting

If there is no problem on the side of ISP, then a chance of issue will be with the adapter of your device. This issue can be resolved in the Windows and Mac having inbuilt Troubleshooting.

Inbuilt troubleshooting will solve at least the issues related to the network end. You must right click on the network icon in the taskbar. Then select the option “Troubleshoot problems”. This will fix the problems or make you know about the problem. You can look for the problem mentioned on online and resolve yourself.

No Internet On Connected WiFi Troubleshoot Problems

Step 4: Flush DNS

You cannot access the website if you are facing the DNS cache conflict. You can flush the DNS and know is it the reason for the WiFi issue. Go to the command window and open as an administrator. Then you must type “ipconfig or flushdns” and press the enter key. This will flush the DNS cache in your desktop.

Step 5: Change Wireless Mode on Router

If you can access the internet with the Ethernet cable but cannot with the router, then your issue is the communication barrier within the two devices.

There are three wireless modes in routers. They are 802.11 g, 802.11 g/b, and 802.11 g/b/n. You can login to router dashboard and select the option “Wireless Mode” which is under Wireless settings. Select the different modes available and try for accessing the Internet.

Change Wireless Mode on Router

Step 6: Obtain IP and DNS automatically

Try to ping for your router in cmd. if you get a timeout response, you must follow this step. This is DNS or IP address conflict.

No Internet on Connected WiFi Network properties

To obtain IP address automatically, then you must go to the RUN option and type “ncpa.cpl” and click enter in the dialog box. Right, click on network and select Properties. Click on “Internet Protocol Version 4” and properties in it. Select “Obtain IP Address automatically” and “Obtain DNS Address automatically”. If you cannot get them, try after restarting your desktop.

No Internet On onnected WiFi TCP

No Internet On Connected wiFi obtain automatically

Step 7: Fixing Network Drivers Issues

Open device manager on your desktop by typing “devmgmt.msc” in the cmd window and click on enter. Expand the “Network Adapters” and right click on your network. Select “Network Drivers Software”.

No Internet on Connected WiFi Device Manager

You must select any of the two options to update drivers manually or automatically. Try connecting your PC with the Ethernet and connect for using the internet. If you find no problem with the internet connection and router, then you can use it easily. For a successful connection, search for automatic update of Driver software”. Then windows will install automatically find and install the driver.

No Internet On Connected WiFi Update Network Driver

No Internet on Connected WiFi Scan

If the connection is failed, then you must download it manually and share to your device. Then you must use the “Browse my computer for Driver Software” to manually install it.

Step 8: Reset Router

Changes in the settings sometimes cause issues. So, you must reset the router settings to default. You can directly reset the router with the physical button present on the router.

reset router

Step 9: Reset Network

Go to Network Reset from the search option. Click on “RESET NOW”.

Reset Your Network

Reset now

Step 10: Call ISP

If any of the above steps cannot resolve your problem, then you must call your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The job of the ISP is to provide you internet for you in 24/ 7 hours. This is the duty of the ISP to resolve the issue if they have provided the router or modem. You can call your local ISP provider and explain to them the issue you are facing. They should be capable of giving you the instructions on phone call to fix the problem. Both the operating and router issues must be fixed by the ISP on phone call or in person.

If you cannot get your internet access from the first five steps, then you must get in touch with the ISP to resolve the issue with the operating system, router and any damage of the network card.

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